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Zinc is an important component of the immune system1,2,3,4. Intracellular zinc has been demonstrated to be a potential prophylactic (intended to prevent disease) treatment for a variety of viruses including rhinovirus, adenovirus, coronavirus, influenza, poliovirus, coxsackievirus, and mengovirus5,6,7,8,9,10,11. Zinc requires a zinc ionophore to enter cells. It is estimated that 22-24% of the US adult population does not meet adequate daily intake of zinc12. Zinc supplementation combined with zinc ionophore supplementation may help prophylactically reduce the severity of symptoms associated with various viral infections. Vladimir Zelenko MD has developed a prophylactic treatment protocol that can be accessed at the following link:

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This information does not constitute a medical diagnosis or medical treatment. Precision Chiropractic Services and Joshua Burnham DC are not giving medical advice. This is freely accessible information that is formatted in a convenient way for the reader to consider. Consult with your medical doctor before making decisions about how to treat infectious disease. Consult with your medical doctor regarding any possible drug interactions between your currently prescribed medications and nutritional supplements.


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