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Chiropractor Owatonna MN Dr. Josh Burnham

Dr. Burnham’s decades long journey into chiropractic began in the Taekwondo studio. Training became intense with desires to compete in the Olympic games. Hours of nonstop exercise takes a toll on the body—Dr. Burnham developed hip pain that made it nearly impossible to train and to even walk. A corrective care plan at his chiropractor’s office fixed the problem and he was able to quickly return to doing what he loved! Only, what he loved just found a new direction…chiropractic.

Fast forward two years. Dr. Burnham entered school at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina when he was twenty years old. Having just graduated summa cum laude with his undergraduate degree in exercise science he was eager to get enrolled and become a chiropractor as quickly as possible. A burning passion for chiropractic and a strong work ethic led Dr. Burnham to “burn the candle at both ends”.

Routinely travelling on weekends all over the country for seminars to better his ability to doctor people while doing full time studies and building a relationship with his soon-to-be wife took its toll. Dr. Burnham experienced what he referred to as a “mental health crisis” and dropped out of school. With nothing tying him and his wife Angela down in South Carolina they decided to move to Minnesota.

After moving to Minnesota, Dr. Burnham started to work for PepsiCo as a delivery driver. While making a delivery he spilled some bottles in a freight elevator and while he was stooped over to pick them up the door came down on the back of his head. He suffered permanent ligament damage, whiplash, radiating pain from his neck into his fingers, headache, shoulder pain, and difficulty sleeping. What was worse was the feeling that he was not going to be able to work anymore and provide for his family.

His injury led Dr. Burnham back to the chiropractor’s office. He knew that drugs and surgery were always on the table, but he wanted to see if a more conservative approach would work first. Within a month he was back on the job. He found that, while he was being adjusted, he could not only perform his work duties, but he was doing them even better than before the injury. This truly captured his heart. He began to be burdened with a passion for chiropractic again. Speaking with his pastor he realized that he needed to use the gifts that God had given him, so he decided to re-enroll in school and get his doctorate.

With a loving family, a supportive church, and a fresh vision he was able to not only complete the rigorous coursework but lead two student clubs and spend hundreds of hours of advanced studies at seminars all over the country ultimately so that you, the patient, would benefit from his care.  He often jokes that he loves chiropractic so much he went to school twice for it, but his true burden is helping you get back to living life…just like he did.


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